• Persecution of the benefits of the National Community
  • Promulgation of a new Republican Constitution in replacement of the actual constitution now obsolete and historically wrong
  • Protection of the National territory and the administrative  integrity from all the localist  and secessionist political actions
  • Creation of a Presidential Republic  with popular  participation
  • Reconquest  of the National Sovereignty: militarily, politically, culturally, economically and monetary
  • Creation  of a Real State of the Law, where the Justice is Real Justice
  • Right to health : incentivation of the care of the Italian citizens
  • Right to work
  • Right to house
  • Right to seniority retirement
  • Secularism of the state and no interference of the Religious confessions in the life of the State
  • Nationalization of the strategic industries for the State interests
  • Socialization of the private companies over 100 employees
  • Reconstruction of the moral integrity of the citizens
  • Reform of the scholastic system  as national education structure
  • Reconstruction of the Family unit as fundamental pillar of the society
  • Rejection and prohibition of  Secret Societies
  • Safeguard and support  of the Scientific and Technological  Research, protection of the landscape, the environment  and the national heritage.
  • Repudiation  of the globalization and the globalism. Strong contrast  of the immigration out of control  to protect and defend  the Lineage  not in  biological racial sense  but in terms of Ethical and spiritual community